Change the position of taskbar in Windows 10 [Guide]

Change the position of taskbar in Windows 10 that's what we're going to see in this post. Taskbar is one of the most important thing that both makes our work easy as well as messy. Sometimes, we don't like the position of taskbar or sometimes accidentally taskbar position might be changed in our Windows 10 or sometimes you might have even seen the taskbar appearing on top of Windows 10, right side of Windows 10, on left side of windows 10 and so on somewhere and just want to change on your device as well as it gives a different kind of look. 

Whatever it may be the reason, If you wish to change the position of taskbar from bottom to somewhere like on left side or right side or even to top then here is an guide for you.

Although this was created on a machine running Windows 10 OS,it still works on previous editions like Windows 8.1,8 and 7 editions.

How to change taskbar location in Windows 10 [Guide]

Just follow the steps,you see in the upcoming video its simple, if you want to place taskbar on top just click on the taskbar and drag it to top, sameway to left for left/ right for rightside..

Hope it is helpful.

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