Here is how we can enable and disable text prediction in Windows 10's Onscreen Keyboard [OSK]...

OSK or On Screen Keyboard is useful in many ways.Though they are designed especially for touch

PC's they can be used in other PC's too.Though it has a option had called text

prediction which will predict text when we speak/touch, they won't correct misspelled words

automatically,Which Made our blog reader Anderson to contact me.He was in a mood to disable

OSK Permanently cause' of that one function which frustrated him a lot.Likely there is an option to

enable and disable text prediction which i explained him.So if you are the one who is experiencing

similar kind of issues,then don't worry herewith i'm sharing the steps which i told to him to enable

and disable text prediction On OSK of Windows 10.

What you need to do is to just follow the steps i showed on the following video.

Also don't forget to leave comments if you have any....

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