Disable start up services in Windows 10 like Pro [Using this]

Disable start up services in Windows 10 like a pro - that's what we're going to see in this post. Start up programs cause some worries to some Windows users (including me).Those services consume our RAM and other resources by running in background from the time of system starts and the sad part is those background services will restart when Windows restarts. Even though i had tried disabling them in start up of task manager,i Still find some services are running as background process but they are not found in start up tab.

So i decided to stop them permanently and accomplished using msconfig.

If you are the one experiencing similar kind of issue,then check the following video where i had shown,how i disabled that services.

How to stop programs from running at Start up in Windows 10 [Video Guide]

Don't forget to Share your result after following the steps in the above video,which might help some body.

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