Side by Side configuration is Incorrect Error in Windows 10 [Fix]

Today,While i was installing an game i got this error message "Side by side configuration is

incorrect" I thought this happens, because of running an older version game(Released a while ago)

on this Windows 10 OS,and found a solution to fix the issue. If you are facing Such an error then i

hope this post may help you.

Things i tried....

At first,I tried Troubleshooting and tested to run the program on windows 7 OS,but the same error

message popped out.Later i thought of clean boot windows 10(Which will load only neccessary

drivers at startup),but that too resulted in vain.Finally,i found a solution which is uninstalling and

reinstalling "Microsoft visual C++.....".S

I Had shown how to perform the above process in the below video.

Just follow the steps in the above video in your PC.

I Hope it works for you too.

Don't forget to let us know if you have any doubts...

Thank you.