Windows update might hang for extended time while installing Windows 10 insider preview Build 19536, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has released Windows 10 insider preview Build 19536 today for fast ring insiders. Though it has lot of improvements, updating to this build seems to have become trouble for some users. While installing this new build, lot of users has reported that the update process goes on extended period of time, for some it hangs at 61% and 32%. So, if your system is hanging for more time than usual, don't panic ! 

Microsoft is already investigating about this, since the release of the last windows 10 insider preview build 19041 and it was confirmed by them in today's post.

                 "We’re looking into reports of the update process hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build."

What to do if you faced this issue?

If your system update hangs for a prolonged time than the usual time, then wait for sometime, give it a try like 6 hours if it still happens, clear the update components, Softwaredownload folder and recheck for the updates it will work this time.

-Happy Holidays :)

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