Facebook crisis response tool coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is getting the small version of Facebook's crisis response tool to help people who are stuck in crisis and disasters. WhatsApp, the company now owned by Facebook is getting lot of features that is directly linking to Facebook in the past 6 months is getting yet another feature making it as latest addition to the list. What this Facebook crisis response tool will basically do is, it will check whether you are safe during any disaster, if you hadn't responded then it will notify your family members and friends about this disaster. Fund raisers will also be notified about the disaster to provide extended support. 

                      Tech crunch reported that, this WhatsApp integration doesn't mean WhatsApp will also get all the features, instead it will have only limited set of feature to ask for help through WhatsApp as well instead of just using Facebook messenger. 

Though, Facebook was accused for collecting lot of data, we guess if they collect data only for this kind of good cause (Of course they would !) then its good to go with until it really violates users privacy. What do you think?