Windows 10 insider preview Build 19536 available now for download

Windows 10 insider preview Build 19536 was now released and was available for download for fast ring insiders and this is the latest windows 10 insider preview released for insiders. Microsoft has decided to release this build and feature builds under RS_PRERELEASE the active development branch which is a good news after the confusion it caused by moving between fast ring and skip ahead releases.

What's new in this Windows 10 Insider preview 19536 ?

This Windows 10 Insider preview 19536 has some new features like controlling the family member's device with screen time limits asking permission from you before they buy things,etc features and a dedicated family group setup Page which will be visible only if they tried resetting their PC).

Microsoft seems to have also working on getting all the updates like non essential updates, cumlative updates, drivers under one place "Optional updates section" and we can expect the update soon.

The biggest addition is the "revamped Calls features" now you can attend, make calls a phone book feature directly from your PC.

Other minor changes include Your Phone supporting more recent photos, phone screen supporting pen input and so on..

You can read the complete changes in this Official site.

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