Uninstall Opera from Kali Linux - How to remove Opera from Kali Linux latest version

Uninstall opera from Kali Linux or how to remove opera from Kali Linux latest version that's what we are going to see in this post. 

We used to install lot of programs on our device running on Kali but when we decided that Particular application is not working as expected or is no longer needed then we will go ahead and uninstall it. Though it is not an easy task like clicking an option on Windows its simple if you know the commands to do that. So, in this post let's see how to uninstall opera from Kali Linux

Remove opera Kali Linux [Guide].

 First, we have to find out the Opera's name as per our system, as there are chances we might have installed opera beta as well as Opera stable, so we will find it out that first.

1) Opera terminal

2) Type dpkg -l *opera* and hit enter.

3) When you ran the above command, it will show the package on our system like "Opera-stable" or "Opera-beta" or some other name.

4) Once you found out the name, then run the following command (The package installed on my system is stable version, so if its stable on our system as well , then run...

sudo dpkg -r opera-stable command. 

Note : If your system has different package name like opera-beta then replace opera-stable with the above command, (For example : sudo dpkg -r opera-beta) and hit enter..

That's it, now you had uninstalled opera from your Kali machine.

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