Bing launches flight booking and expanded visual search

Bing flights has finally arrived, a feature that that will allow the users to search for flights without looking for different sites/ leaving bing. This feature is rolling out to users in the U.S. first with international markets to follow shortly after.

This is a pretty much similar feature like google flights. If you want to travel from USA to India then typing "flights from USA to India " on bing. Bing search engine will list all the flights in the search page itself. You can view the schedule, payment and everything with just a click without leaving the search engine.

Bing launches flight booking and expanded visual search

                "One area we’re seeking to make more frictionless for our users is flight booking. Finding flights can be time-consuming, confusing, and involve searches across various websites, particularly during the holidays.

To solve this, we partnered with flight booking sites to provide a comprehensive booking experience in one place on Bing, so you can browse relevant results with accurate prices and minimal wait time" quoted Bing.

It also announced that it is expanding its visual search the feature that will capture the image, reverse image search and will show the details about the image. For example : If you opened the char image and wants to know where the particular chair was available,then it will do reverse image search(through search the image with search option) and will show you the information like its available on Amazon, bestbuy,etc but this work only if you are United states and United Kingdom .

This two features are already available on various platforms, i guess bing has added this now to keep its loyal search base from leaving their site. What do you think ?