Minecraft for Windows 10 errors temporarily out of gift codes !

Minecraft for Windows 10 errors temporarily out of gift codes !

Error! It looks like we've temporarily run out of gift codes for Minecraft for Windows 10. Don't worry though, more codes should be on their way. Please check back later! this error message when clicked on redeem button is driving the Minecraft fans crazier than we think.

Minecraft the game which claims to have more than 112 Million active monthly players, has released a game called Minecraft for Windows 10 back then for free. This edition of Minecraft was designed especially for Windows 10 enabling cross-play support. Users from XBOX, android, iOS and many other platform can join and play this game anywhere anytime (Like a multiplayer game).

Users of Minecraft were unable to redeem the gift codes for the past two weeks. Even when they tried the above error message will popup!

So, what is the solution ?

I checked on different forums, and sites and found that, there was an issue with the developer's end itself. If you are one of the affected one, the Only solution available at the moment was to contact the contact Mojang Support and wait for their reply.

Again, don't expect a quick response, as already the support team might got so many emails and they are working on the fix. So, wait for the official fix, i will update the post, when i have more info.

Update 1 : A complaint is being tracked here -> https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/WEB-1690

--Good day :)