How to Stop Windows Defender from Running Alongside antivirus programs in Windows 10 [Guide]

How to Stop Windows Defender from Running Alongside antivirus programs in Windows 10 [Guide]

If you are in Windows 10 Anniversary Update(1607 Build) then you may had probably noticed about

this.Windows Defender Was running alongside of your antivirus program.

Windows Defender will automatically turn itself off when we install some third party antivirus

programs.Yes,that happened for a long time since the beginning of modern era Operating Systems.

But in Windows 10 Anniversary Update there are some changes made my Microsoft.

Microsoft never wants to leave their Users completely depending on third Party Antivirus

Programs(though,they are far better than the Software provided by Microsoft) So,they had made a

simple change on its Antivirus Program.Despite getting a new Icon and new UI(Which they had

planned to initialize in Windows 10 Creators Update) the antivirus have the functionality which can

be used for our Purposes.Yes,it has a facility to run alongside our AV Programs.

If it founds any other AV programs it will turn itself Off as usual,but it will silently performs some

actions it was programmed to be made(in the name of Automatic Maintenance) when an option was


But such things are not liked by Some of Our Users,as it will Consume some RAM and will continue

to display its icon on the tray.So if you are the person who wishes to disable it Completely,then here

is an tutorial that may be helpful for you..

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Windows Defender

3) Select Windows Defender Settings that's was showing on the search(System Settings)

4) You may see "The Settings for Windows Defender is not available because it is turn


How to Stop Windows Defender Running Alongside antivirus program in Windows 10 anniversary Update

Scroll down,till you find the option "Limited Periodic Scanning"

You may see the message "Even if you are using Another Anti virus program windows defender will

continue to periodically scan and notify you about the treats on your PC" under that there will an

button that shows ON.

5) Slide or click on the left side of the option so that it shows OFF.

That's it..

You have done.

Now,Windows Defender will be turned off and it won't start its scanning until you uninstall that

third party App.