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New Windows Explorer App - How to launch on Windows 10 [Guide]

Yes,the news is true.Windows 10 has a new Windows Explorer. If you are using a 14936 build

or later version of Windows 10 then you may had heard about this..This Windows 10 Explorer is

basically just a app that was ported from windows 10 Mobile.Microsoft is slowly gaining some

advantage through its UWP feature (Universal Windows Platform).It when completely successfully

will kill some great PC applications especially games because of its nature.Whatever it may whether

its for good or bad, people stick towards the modern thing which makes Companies to develop them

and invent something new,,!

OK,if you wish to try or launch this new Windows Explorer App which is an better replacement for

our classical Windows Explorer,then here is how your guide..

Requirements ...

We had tested this setting in different build editon of Windows 10,but the only edition it worked was

on the latest insider build.The build number it worked is on 14936.

So till now(While writing this post) if you wish to try or switch to the latest Windows Explorer,then

you need an PC running atleast 14936 build.

[See: How to Check build number in Windows 10]

You can update your build by signing up for Windows insider program.for which an easiest way is by pressing Windows key -> typing insider-> selecting the top most result(Windows insider program settings) - >  changing those settings.

So,install or update your pc to that latest build to try that(or wait till Microsoft releases it )..

How to do it ??

If you are on that build then launching that is an very simple process..

1) Right click on the empty area of desktop

2) Select New -> Shortcut

[Click on the image to view Full Size]

3) On the box that displays,type the following command

explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App

4) Click Next.

5) It will ask for name,name as per you want,you can use any name.

6) Click finish after you finished.

That's it..

Now launch the newly created shortcut you will get the new Windows Explorer App.

Hope it is helpful


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