How to enable task manager disabled by Administrator [Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial]

Taskmanager helps in varies purposes.we can start a new program,end task,find how much ram or

cpu being used by an process and so on using this task manager,due to this (we can control our whole

system using task manager) some administrators begin to disable this task manager as they may had

thought disabling task manager may help them to provide shield from some computer intermediate


Everything has its own way (if there is a lock,then there must be a key..!)So,in this tutorial let's see

how to enable task manager disabled by your administrator.

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) type gpedit

3) Select the top most result "Edit Group policy"

" If you have no group Policy,then check this 

4) Click on User Configuration

5) Now,again expand Administrative templates.

6) Click on System ( On right Pane)

7) Now open "Ctrl + Alt + Del options"

8) Double click or single click Remove Task Manager,

9) Set it to Not configured from enabled( Just click on the Not configured dot.).

10) Click on Apply -> OK.

That's it..

Now,open your Task manager again you can see it Opening Again.