Meet Microsoft Teams - the competitor for Slack which Microsoft gonna unveil Soon

Looks like Microsoft has made the app Skype teams which would be a better competitor for the

slack.The thing to remember is,this is the same Microsoft which came forward to buy slack(the team

messaging app) but it seems now its gonna kill that.with this.

I looked in the official page for downloading this app it seems to be alive,but when i clicked on the

dowload the app it redirect the webpage to,com/downloads the url which is yet to gonna

live (while writing this post).

But one thing we can confirm is,the new app will be called as Microsoft Teams and not Skype team

as reported earlier.

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Microsoft team vs slack

The link for the microsoft teams is at which you can visit to see updates in

some time.At the time when i visited,the website simply displayed we are restoring(Something)...etc

message,may be it can be restored on some time .

The download link for microsoft team is available


which redirects to page.

More details about how this will look like,and how it works can be confirmed only after microsoft

officially unveils it.

Since Microsoft event is gonna happen very soon we can expect this would be in their list of new

things that the company gonna unveil.

i hope they would..!

What to do you think about this Microsoft teams?? Will it become a better alternative to Slack?? Let us know in comments...