Change Registered Owner name in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Change Registered Owner name in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

In this post,let's see how to change the registered user name of Windows 10 PC...

Though this tutorial is for Windows 10 PC users,it will work on all edition of Windows namely

Windows 8.1,8,7...

So if you are using Operating System other than Windows 10,you can also try this it, will work


OK,let's see how to do it..

Just follow my steps..

                                                                 [Video tutorial]

1) Press Windows + R Keys on your Keyboard

2) Type Regedit

3) Click OK/Hit Enter.

4) If UAC Pops out,Select Yes...

It will open this Window(Registry Editor) On that do as follows...

Note : Editing incorrect registry will lead to your System to become unstable,so follow my steps

to check whether you are in Correct path.

5)Some of the Options may differ like differ in folder names,it's not necessary to care about..

Just Stick it to the following path,which will be same for all Windows OS's..


7) click on Software

8) Scroll down and Click and expand Microsoft

9) Now,again Scroll down,Click and expand Windows NT

10) Click on CurrentVersion

11) Now,you can see somethings on your Right pane,

on that find and Click on "RegisteredOwner"

Important: Ignore all other things,because an small change in that will seriously

affect your PC..So only click on that "RegisteredOwner"

12) Now,change the Value data ,delete everything on that field

13) And start typing the name you wish to set as registered name..

For example: If you want to register the Product under
the name of "logesh" Simply type "logesh" on that
value data field box.

"You can set any name,even yours..!"

14) Click OK.

15) Now,recheck to check whether changes had happened or not..

For that,

Press Windows + R Keys,you will get Run Command

Type Winver or Winver.exe

Hit enter/OK.

You can see the new changed name there,if not then

Re follow the above steps and make it yours :P

That's it..