Hide or Remove Power button from Sign-in Screen in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Hide or Remove Power button from Sign-in Screen in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Remove power button from Windows 10 lock screen that's what we're going to see in this post. We are not going to use group policy editor / gpedit., Instead we will use registry tweak. You might have already known that there are many ways to shutdown and sign out our PC. Particularly,in the latest editions of Windows the option to shutdown is vast a. One of the way which may make the user to loss some work is by using the power button of lock screen.

This can hurt,when we had locked our PC to prevent access to others and the person who even don't know the password can simply shutdown our PCs using the power button located on our lock screen
or login screen which may result in loss of our unsaved work..

So in this tutorial let's see how to fix that...

Hide power button from appearing on lock screen - How to [Guide]

OK,let's see how to do this..

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type Regedit.

[If you have difficulty in following below steps,check the above video tutorial Created for you]

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to the following Registry Key..


5) When you on the right area,you can see shutdownwithoutlogon  text (DWORD) on your right Pane.

Double click or single click on that item,when you clicked it will show the value data as 1,Click on it and change that to 0 from 1.

6) Press Enter.

Note: If there is no such DWORD exists,then you need to create one..

1) Right Click on the empty area of right Pane and select DWORD(32_bit)

2) Type shutdownwithoutlogon and set its value to 0.

Now,visit your lock Screen again,you can find there is no power button..

That's it..

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