How to uninstall driver in windows 10

How to uninstall driver in windows 10

Drivers are the one which causes Our PC to work Perfect,A PC With perfect driver will work 

perfectly. But Some times,that drivers too cause Problems in Our PC.The issue may be due 

to installed outdated device driver or the driver that has some errors or Whatever it may Will Cause Errors in Our PC.And Particularly in Windows 10 Where Our Windows 

update is set to automatic Will download the driver Without Checking of errors.

So,you need to Uninstall that driver to make your PC stable again.So here is an tutorial for 

explaining how to uninstall driver in Windows 10.

How to Uninstall ??

Just follow the Steps below.

Step 1 : login to your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Keys Simultaneously.

Step 3 : It Will display Run Command,on that type the following command.

"devmgmt.msc" (Without Quotes)

Step 4 : Hit Enter,Or press OK.

Step 5 : It Will open a new Window which is known as device manager,on that do as 


Step 6 : Find the driver that is Causing issues.

(For example : If the issue was caused by display driver,click under display,Similarly if it 

was due to driver installed due to windows update, Visit the windows update option and find 

the driver in list of updates.)

Step 7 : Select the driver.

Step 8 : Right Click on it and Select uninstall.

How to uninstall driver in windows 10

Step 9 : It Will prompt Warning Message Stating about that You Are going to uninstall that 

driver,ignore it and Select Ok,and Follow the Next Steps which depends on the driver.

Step 10 : Wait till the uninstall Completes.After completion,Close the Window. 

Note : Some drivers needs your PC to be restarted for Complete uninstall,on Such 

Cases,Save Your Unsaved  Work and Select restart.

That's it...

Warning : If the driver was installed through Windows Update,Your PC Will try to 

reinstall the Same update again,you need to temporarily stop the update from 

reinstalling[Check thisfor Steps.

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