How to fix ProfSvc and User Profile Service Failed Error in Windows 10

Today when i booted by PC it boots into login screen as usual,but after sometime it suddenly starts to freeze,i can't do anything like entering password.i thought its because of some loading problems so i decided to wait for some time for windows to load and but what it done was nothing but displaying an error as ProfSvc failed or more Commonly User Profile Service failed,i decided to run sfc scan( but that's not possible because i need to login to my user account to do that right ??) 

Since i clearly identified the problem is due to the user account what immediately stroke on my mind was one idea which is using an alternative user account.

But i had an additional problem waiting there was i had only one user account on my PC which directed me to look for other options.Finally i had fixed the problem by myself and i'm sharing here what i had done to fix the error. If you had faced with same issue then here is an solution that might fix the issue.

What is the cause of the error ??

The main reason for the error is corrupted user profile,when Our user profile gets 

Corrupted,all our Password and its Components Will never work in proper way,which will 

results in difficulty in Signing-in to windows.

How to fix it ???

Since,our primary aim is getting in to Our PC,we need to enable the hidden Administrator 

account (Also Known as Super administrator).Once we enabled this Account We are 

capable of signing-in to Windows after that we need to create another user account.

Enough Said,lets see how to do that.

Just follow the Steps below.

Step 1 : When You Are at login Screen,Click on Power logo.

Step 2 : Hold Shift Key and Press restart.

Step 3 : It Will make your PC to boot into another mode(where we can troubleshoot/repair 

our pc,if we have any problems),on that do as follows.

Click on Troubleshoot and then Select Advanced options

Step 4 : You Will find Command Prompt,Select it.

How to fix ProfSvc Error in Windows 10

Step 5 : On the Command Prompt,type the following Command.

net user Administrator /active:yes 

(Note : leave one Space after Administrator.)

Step 6 : Hit Enter.

Step 7 : After you received a message Stating that "The Command Completed Succesfully" 

Restart your PC,You Will find Accounts that Corrupted and a new Account with no password  
to the new Account .

8) Now create a new user account,to use your problem as normal...

Note :Using Super Admin Account as your default User Account is not advised,as we 

need to reuse when we again face the same/different problem,So create new user Account.

For steps to create user account [Click this...]

9) After Creating Navigate to (your Windows installed location mostly C drive) C:\Users -> 

Select your old Account->Copy files that are needed like documents,downloads,etc.. and 

Save it another location(like on different drive).

10 ) If it contains any important things like game caches stored in documents simply Copy 

the files you saved on using step 9 now to Your New Account Copy/replace those files...  .

Update 1 : Many Users said, the above method is not working, if you face with the above error, then here is another way you can recover it too..

11) Boot your Windows Installation CD/DVD Drive or ISO file

12) When your setup loads, Press Shift and F10 Keys of your keyboard.

13) It will display Command Prompt, on that type

move C:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak

copy C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe  and hit enter

14) Now close the window, remove the Installation media and start your PC as usual.

15) When you are on the login screen, there will be a ease of case button ( the one that you can use to load narrator, magnifier,etc) click on it.

16) It will now display Command Prompt because of the commands we typed on the step 13 instead of ease of access.

17) Now type the net user commands you seen on step 5.

and follow the remaining steps. .

That's it....