How to disable lock screen in Windows 10 ?

Hi,Welcome to our blog,I this tutorial let's See how to disable lock screen in Windows 10.

What is Lock Screen ??

Lock Screen is an Picture displayed While We lock our PC. It Will be Displayed While We 

Press Windows + L Key, & Also While We boot into Computer.though it Would be nice 

Have some picture to set as lock screen,Some of the Users doesn't like it. So in this tutorial 

lets See how to disable lock Screen in Windows 10.

How to disable ??

If You wish to disable lock Screen then just follow the Upcoming Steps in Your Windows 10 


Step 1 : Login to Your Windows PC As Admin.

Step 2 : Press Windows +R Key Simultaneously.

It Will Popup the run Command.On it type gpedit.msc

Step 3 : Hit Enter.

Step 4 : It will Open a new Window,Which is Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 5 : On that Navigate as Follows.

Computer Configuration->Administrative templates->Control 


Step 6 : You May Find an Option, "Do not display Lock Screen ",on 

the right Pane.

How to disable lock screen in Windows 10

Step 7 : Click on it.

Step 8 : It Will Open A New Window, on that Select Enabled.

Step 9 : Select/tap Apply.

How to disable lock screen in Windows 10

Step 10 : Click on OK.

Note : If You Wish to Enable it in feature Simply follow the Above Steps, and While in Step 

Click on Not Configured Option.

That's it...

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