How to change background of login screen in Windows 10

Lock screen (or) login screen is the Screen which is displayed When We login into 

Windows and While Our PC is locked.We Can Change the Background of Lock screen 

According to Our Wish. The Following tutorial will help in Changing the lock screen 

background image.

How to Change it ???

Just follow the Upcoming Steps in your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See : How to Open Settings in Windows 10]

Step 3 : Click on Personailzation.

How to change background of login screen in Windows 10

Step 4 : It Will Open a new window With Background as first Option,Click on Lock Screen.

"Lock Screen " Option Will be Available as third option in left pane.

Step 5 : When You Clicked,You Will find Preview on right Pane and below was an image 

that Was Currently Your Lock screen background.

How to change background of lock screen in Windows 10

Step 6 : Below that,You Can Find An Option Choose a Picture,Click On Browse.

Step 7 : Choose a Picture that You Wish to Set as lock screen,by browsing and.Selecting 

Choose picture Option.

Step 8 : After You Clicked choose Picture Option Your PC's lock screen Will be 

changed,You Will See the image that You set,the next time Your PC boots into Windows 

or When you lock it.

That's it...

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