Wt.social might be the future Social Media Network you can trust and use now to fight fake news..

Wt.social this is the Social network that was silently launched by Wikipedia Cofounder Jimmy Wales to fight against fake news being spread across social networks especially Facebook and Twitter.

This Social network promises to provide only verified news from different sources with an option for you to flag the inappropriate posts, edit the headlines then and there✌.. The biggest advantage was it being running only like Wikipedia model which means, it will be running on Donations. Hence the Site is adfree as well.

The founders promises that they will never share the information with any third party and there will no need for that too as the advertising won't be there on this Social network as said before.

Signing up process is Still free, but you have to wait on the waitlist, there was also an option to get the access right away by paying around $12-13 as per sources. 

This site has around 58000+ people and is still growing, It will be a reboot/ modified version of Wikitribune..

The new Wikitribune is a completely unique and slightly crazy idea: a collaboratively editable social networking new platform. As before, we will have no advertising and no paywall (There is a short waiting list to join the new site to help us with scaling up, but you can skip the waiting list if you invite people or if you become a paying supporter), Jimmy Said in its Wikitribune post..
Whatever it may, fake news will be always there till we circulate the news without verifying it first ! So, we request you to contribute to curb fake news by just taking a small pledge today that we will be verifying the news before sharing !  

Good day :)