ASUS ROG finally receives Android P (OTA) update [ How to check for updates]

"Update : Asus Rog devices start receiving Android P update"

Asus Rog one of the best gaming phone that got lot of impressions all over the world started failing when the manufacturers decided to postpone its update every now and then.Though we understand that in order to write codes to provide smoother experience it will take a little bit of long time its sad that when the other manufacturers are moving to Android 10, Asus is releasing android 9 only now.

Finally, Asus has announced that its releasing android P update to Asus Rog smartphones in its zentalk forum.

 Here is the complete changelog from the official site.

1. Upgraded system to Android P
2. Removed Page Marker, ZeniMoji, Report Location in Safeguard, weather animation setting, AI charging
3. Removed the Yandex cloud opetion of File Manager Application
4. Upgraded Game Center to Armoury Crate with whole new design
5. Added "Adaptive brightness", "Adaptive Battery", "New notifications", "Status bar icon manager", "Screen recorder", and "Local backup" in Settings
6. Upgraded Game Genie panel with new design and features
7. Added Android P "Swipe up on Home button" gesture
8. Support 24-hour forecast in Weather application
9. Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, and Weather applications
10. Redesigned volume control panel following Android P

How to download android pie upate to Asus ROG.

Your device will automatically download this android 9 update, alternatively you can visit settings -> About -> System update makesure you connect your charger before downloading the update or ensure you have atleast 50% battery life and 2GB data.

The update will take some days for your device to receive (While some of you might have already received), as it was a standard roll out. So, kindly wait for one or two weeks maximum if you hadn't received the same. Your build number will become 16.0410.1910.91 after successfully installing the update.