Windows 10 opens every folder in new window [Fix]

Today, while i was examining my registry tweaks, i changed an registry value that made my 
windows to open every folder in new window instead of the same window or its own 

Since i changed more than 10 registries i don't know what caused it. But finally i fixed the 
problem by changing a simple option on the THIS PC properties, so right now i share it with you.  

If you had faced a similar situation or whether your windows 10 PC starts to open every folder in the new window, then here is how you can fix it...

How to fix folders opening in New Window Every time when clicked in Windows 10

1) Open your File Explorer

[Helpful link : How to open File Explorer in your Windows 10 PC]

2) When you have opened the file explorer you can find various tabs on the top of the pane

like File, Home, Share, View..

3) Click on File -> 

4) Select Change Folder and Search Options.

5) it Will open a New Window named folder options,on that 

you can find and select an option "Open each folder in the same window " option.

the option "open each folder in the same window", will be available under Browse folders on the general tab.

6) Click on Apply.

7) Click on OK.

If it doesn't fix your Problem, then

Open registry editor -> Navigate to


You can find NavPane (key) folder there, right click on it and select delete.

Windows 10 opens every folder in new window [Fix]

That's it..

This will fix the problem.