Will i get Windows 10 Creators Update? [Here are the answers!]

Microsoft had rolled out its much called update for creators known as Windows 10 Creators 
update today. This Creators update have lot of new features mainly focused on 3D, 
improved security,etc apart from some postponed features like 3d scanning, My People 
app,etc.  Even though, Microsoft stick with its decision to postpone such features, this 
Windows 10 Creators update would be the one to go for if you believe you need some 
greater security and improved version of Microsoft Edge and So On.

But, in order to go we need to make sure whether our device will support this much called 

Redstone 2 Update right? if you have such question, then here is an post that may help you in answering such questions .

Here are the answers,

All the devices running Windows 10 Operating System expect Intel cloverboard processors will get 
the Windows 10 Creators update. If you are in the list of the PC's that doesn't support Creators update like the above one, then you need to wait for sometime, because 

Microsoft says, they had holded the PC's of the above atom typed hardware because of a simple compatibility issue.

So, what if i install Creators update on those devices?

As per the feedback from many users i have read, i can say, if you planned to install, then it will 
result in some serious issues like some text not appearing, icon mismatch and more importantly text will not appear on File Explorer (the drives, library, organize option,view button,etc.. things will seem missing), and all that involve display settings which is quite, a overall buggy PC or the one that can't be used, just because of this driver problem.

So, will you be left out ?

Microsoft says, they are closely working with the Manufactures, so they will release the update once 
the appropriate drivers are ready ! and you need to wait till that time..

What for other PC's ? and When will you receive Windows 10 Creators update for your PC?

All PC's running Windows 10 will receive the Creators update as per the schedule (due to large 
number of users). and your PC will receive the update any time soon, which depends on your location. So wait for sometime, your PC will automatically download Creators update through Windows update.

Please note  If your PC has Toshiba display utility then you need to uninstall that, to get creators 
update [See this post for more details]

Get ready Creators !

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