Night light - Schedule windows 10 to turn on or turn off night light in Windows 10 Creators update

Windows 10 Creators update has an feature that will automatically control our brightness 
during night time called night light. We had already discussed how to turn on or turn off 
night light mode in windows 10 update

So, in this post, let's see how to schedule night light to turn on or turn off at a particular time.

Note : this will work only on Windows 10 Creators update.

How to schedule night light in Windows 10 Creators Update

1) Press Windows (logo) and R Keys of your Keyboard

2) Type ms-settings:display

3) Hit enter Key.

[Video Tutorial]

4) Now, it will open a new settings window, with display setting (on the left pane)

5) Now, on your right pane, look for an option called Night Light settings which will be 

under Night light.

6) Click it, Which will open Night light settings  window

7) Now, in this window, you can see various options like Turn on now/ Turn off now, 

Schedule night light,etc.


Screen emits blue light, which can keep you up at night. Night light displays warmer colors to help you sleep

click on "Turn on Now" to turn on immediately.

8) Under the Schedule night light text, you can see an option to turn it on or off, simply click 

on the right side of the option which will enable that option.

9) Now, select set hours option(radio button) and select the time you wish to set.

10) After setting, click on the ✓ button, close the window to save changes.

That's it..

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