How to get Windows 10 Creators update ?

Windows 10 Creators update how to get it ? this is the question probably everyone has on 

their mind right now. I had already said, that all PC's running Windows 10 (expect only one 

intel processor) are eligible for Windows 10 Creators update in the previous post, so you 

don't need to think about some extra questions like is my PC eligible for Windows 10 

Creators update or not ?things...

OK, i'm eligible for Creators update, now what, or how to get it ?

How to get Windows 10 Creators update

You have three options for this question. One is leaving it too Windows Completely and the 

other too are installing it manually.

If you are novice to computer, then i recommend you to leave it to windows, or let windows 

to care about it. 

All you need is to check for Creators upgrade..

How to check for Windows 10 Creators update?

Just press Windows (logo) key and R keys of your keyboard, type  ms-

settings:Windowsupdate and Hit Enter, this will open Windows update window, on that 

simply click on Check for updates button situated on your right pane.

Your PC will begin to download Windows 10 Creators update and will prompt you to install 

after active hours,on such cases, simply select restart now button else select pick a time 

option and select when you wish to install it.

How to get Windows 10 Creators update ?

Please note  If your PC has Toshiba display utility then you need to uninstall that, to get 

creators update [See this post for more details]

So, what for other Advanced users ?

If you are an advanced or intermediate PC user, then simply visit the software download 

sitedownload the upgrade assistant tool or media creation tool , install it and Enjoy.

Updated on April 12,2017 [IST]

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