This PC's are not supported for Windows 10 Creators update

Windows 10 Creators update is now available to download on Microsoft servers for manual
installations. But in a post published today on Microsoft site, the team said, if your PC was using one of the following Processors, then you wont get Windows 10 Creators update.

All of those Processors mentioned are manufactured By Intel.

And the processors are..

Atom Z2760,

Atom Z2520

Atom Z2560 and

Atom Z2580.

The above processors are released in the name of Intel Clover Trail Processors.

What if i installed on this ??

To my knowledge, i can say if your PC runs Windows 10 smoothly, then you can run Windows 10 Creators update too, but when you install the Windows 10 Creators update on the PC's running above processors, then your PC won't display any icons or text which are purely driver related issue.

Since, there is no compatibility driver for those processors, it is safe to stick with the old builds, for your PC to work as expected.

So, is this the end??

No,as per Microsoft,

Microsoft is working with our partners to provide compatible drivers for these processors.  Until then, Windows Update will prevent devices containing one of the processors listed above from installing the Creators Update.

If your PC contains one of these processors, Microsoft recommends that you do not install the Creators Update from the software download site.  Please wait and allow Windows Update to install the Creators Update after compatible drivers are released and installed.  

So, you need to wait till windows update to download the Windows 10 Creators update which will happen after April 11,2017.

Updated on April 7,2017

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