Can't cancel ongoing Windows update in Windows 10 Creators update [Solved]

We people are sick with updates, especially when it comes to windows 10's automatic updates. Though we can disable those automatic updates in Windows 10 Creators update using the steps as shown in our previous post, some users said, their PC's had began its job of downloading updates, while they were searching for the option and asked, how to stop the downloading update in Windows 10 Creators update? if there is a way, then what it is,etc questions.. 

Since, there is no button to cancel the updates that were downloading via windows update, the question seemed a valid one, so in this post i like to share the method i use to stop the ongoing update process in windows 10.

Remember, this method will stop all the updates that were currently downloading, so if your 
PC was downloading any important or critical update, then it will cause that update to fail.
So, make sure no such thing goes on your system.

How to cancel ongoing update in Windows 10 Creators 


1) After login to your desktop, Press Windows (logo) and X Keys of your Keyboard.

2) Select Windows Powershell(Admin)

3) Select Yes! if UAC pop up and follow the remaining steps.

4) Type Stop-service wuauserv -force

5) Hit Enter Key of your Keyboard

That's it..

It will cancel or stop the update that was downloading in your Windows 10 Creators Update 


You will get this message "We couldn't install some updates because the PC was turned off".

Remember, to pause or disable those automatic updates before clicking on check for 

updates option or visiting windows update option.


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