Text not appearing on Windows Explorer and Interface after installing Windows 10 Creators update [Fix]

Its been nearly two weeks since the official launch of Windows 10 Creators update. but there is a common bug experienced by many number of users right after installing this Windows 10 Creators update. The bug will make your system to display no text to at all, in the windows explorer. start menu,etc resulting in no text displaying in windows interface after this upgrade or installation of Creators update.

Since, Microsoft said, nearly 10 percent of Windows users are now in Windows 10 Creators update and more number of people are continuing to do so, this bug could cause some serious damage to many users who are yet to receive the update and those who already installed it..

So, in this post i like to share a couple of methods that helped the users to fix the bug.

How to fix no text appearing on explorer, control panel after installing Windows 10 Creators update error [Guide]

Uninstall Comodo Firewall or your Antivirus for some time.

Many fellow users said, uninstalling and reinstalling the Comodo firewall did the job, so if you have comodo firewall then uninstall it and restart and install it again(if you need) to fix the problem or else update your firewall to latest version.

Since the above method would solve the problem in most cases, there are some PC users who don't run any antivirus client or firewalls, if you are one of them, then

1)Press Windows (logo) Key and X Keys together -> Select Powershell(Admin)

2) Type the following command and Hit enter

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

3) Wait,till it completes and restart your PC

This will fix the problem.

If the above error still persists, then check whether your PC is supported for the Windows 10 Creators update or else roll back to the Previous version until supported version is released.

Hope it is helpful.

Update :

It became an Microsoft known issue, as they had created a separate post, regarding this..
What MS Says...
Icons and/or text throughout the Windows interface may not appear at all, or may appear as solid color blocks on some devices.
This issue may occur if you have an out-of-date version of Comodo Internet Security or Comodo Cloud Antivirus running in Creators Update.  To resolve the issue if you have a Comodo product installed, please update to the latest version of the security software before installing the Creators Update.  You can find information for updating your Comodo product at https://antivirus.comodo.com/windows10update-advisory.php.
 Updated on April 28,2017.