How to check Kali Linux version on any Latest version of Kali linux.[Beginner's guide]

How to check Kali Linux version i'm using or How do I know which version of Kali Linux is installed? through terminal/cli ? a text popped in my mail box from one of our blog reader. The question is a good question because we have to be always be latest when it comes to the Security operating systems and with Kali 2021.1 now going to be released anytime soon..(Currently the OS is available as part of Weekly build, so feel free to try if you are experienced user)

Though, there are multiple ways, we can find the version of Kali Linux Operating system we are using, i'm sharing few simple ways, which will be beginner friendly (Of course, it has to be as the question was..😕)

So, if you are wondering how to check the version of kali using command line or through file manager i got you covered:)

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First, lets look the graphical UI way.

How to check kali linux version without commandline

1) Open file Manager/ Files. (You can do that by pressing Super/Windows Key and typing Files on the search bar)

2) Open Computer drive.

3) Find etc folder and open it.

4) Now, there will be multiple files, so quickly click on search box and type os-release

It will display multiple results, just double click and open the file named Os-release

Note the text, which is inside the quotation mark of VERSION="" 

For example, if it showed VERSION="2020.4" that means you are using Kali Linux 2020.4

That's it.. 

How to check Kali Linux version on any Latest version of Kali linux.[Beginner's guide]

You have successfully find out Kali version you are using.. 

Okay! Hold on, i got you!, the above way is a typical way of Windows users. 

How to do like a Linux user? I.e in a single command line way?

How to check Kali linux version in terminal using single command/Cli

Here we go..

As said earlier, there are multiple ways available to check the version, but let's see Simple commands in this post..

1) Just open terminal.

2) Type cat /etc/os-release

(or) lsb_release -a 

3) Both will work, so type anyone and Hit enter.

That's it you can see all the details on the terminal..

Happy learning:)

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