Kali Linux 2020 live default username and Password changed - Here is the new one for all latest versions

Kali linux 2020.1 live and latest versions of Kali Linux will have new default username and Password as we had seen in the last post.

Incase, if you had missed, then here is a little Recap..

Kali Linux 2020.1 was set to be released on this month's end with lot of changes like Default user being a non root, an option to install all desktop environments like "KDE", "Gnome", etc all in one go, instead of downloading separate desktop environments individually and some polished appearance in terms of icons and fonts,etc..

We had also seen, the default username and password for Kali Live being changed. So, in this post let's see what is the new default user name and password for kali linux 2020.1 live and later versions.

Ok, here we go.

What is the new default username and password for Kali Live ?

The new username and password is "kali" ( enter without quotes).

You need to enter the above one if you decided to run Kali Linux as live edition. You will be still able to create new password for root and other user accounts of your choice while installing the OS.
The existing default username root and password toor will not work starting Kali Linux 2020.1 so don't complain root/toor password not working and start using the new one :)

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