Now you can Pay for Parking, using Google Maps..!

Now you can Pay for Parking, using Google Maps..!

Pay for Parking that through Google Maps? Yes, its possible now, as Google launches its new Map App with Google Pay integrated.

There was a time, when we used to search space for Parking, and then came another time, (this past year) to explore options of being contact less, whether its with machines or with People. Thanks to Covid! it actually started changing our everyday life through tech industries who constantly work harder to build new inventions.

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After working with several Partners, Google has now officially launched its Pay for parking service within Google Maps app for Android, planned to expand soon to iOS devices too.

Now you can Pay for Parking, using Google Maps..!

So, How to use Google Pay for Parking service (or) what it will do?

Simple, if you are planning to go to some location by searching through Google Maps, then Google will display a Popup next to the directions whether you can park by making prepayment or not. Google uses Gpay for this. When you tap that GPay or Pay for parking then it will take you to payment page, where you can pay using any service like credit cards,etc like you usually do but if you are using Parking solutions like Parkmobile or Passport then you are gonna follow the same steps in different way. You will see  “Pay for Parking” button near to your destination, tap that. then you can enter your meter number on the next screen, post that, it will ask for amount of time you need parking. Select the timing and tap “Pay.” That's it you will be redirected to the payment page. You can also more timer on the app itself. After you had reached the spot, you can show the ticket on mobile phone or on digitial reader.. 

That's it.. 

This feature was in development for so long as per insider sources, and was not new, Google just developed it to prevent users from using multiple apps. 

This service was currently launched in 400 cities in United states. So, if you are in United States update your Android App and start taking advantage of it, but if you are leaving in the rest of the world, sadly we have to wait if you want to use only Google Services.

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