Find saved WiFi passwords in Kali Linux or any Linux Latest version with a single command [How to Guide]

How to view saved WiFi passwords in my Kali Linux PC? asked one of our reader, so in this post let's see how to find wifi saved passwords in our linux PC. Kali Linux and all most all linux by default saves all our WiFi passwords in their system folder whenever we had selected Connect automatically option at the time of connection, so if we found out where our system stores the passwords then we can easily retrieve those passwords right ? We are going to do the same in this post. So, if you are the one who forgot the password of your network or just want to know where your WiFi passwords are being saved, then i hope this guide might help you. Ok let's find it out.

Here is where WiFi passwords in Kali Linux are stored..

By default, all our WiFi passwords are stored on etc/NetworkManager/system-connections folder, if you navigated to that folder then you can find the all the connection's SSID your devices had made, but when you attempt to open, it won't open normally.

So, we have to run the following command to find the passwords.

Open terminal, type Sudo grep psk= /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*

Hit enter, if it asks for admin password, type your root password, and you will get the WiFi passwords.

Find saved WiFi passwords in Kali Linux Latest version with a single command [How to Guide]

Hope it is helpful :)

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