#WhatsApp Starts sending Message to Agree their Privacy Policy by May 15, 2021

#WhatsApp Starts sending Message to Agree their Privacy Policy by May 15, 2021

WhatsApp Starts sending inapp Message alert to Agree their Privacy Policy by May 15, 2021?, Yes! You read that right. After sending a Separate Status to WhatsApp users in the past month following the controversy of data sharing with parent company Facebook, WhatsApp is back again.

This time through WhatsApp Messages. WhatsApp users especially beta users (like me) now started receiving inapp message that explains what's being changed and Why we should agree to their Privacy Policy by May 15,2021.

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This is an One time viewable/self destructing Message which might be pushed every now and then, until you tap Agree..

With this update, we're providing more information in our terms and privacy policy, including how you can chat with business if you choose.. Starts the Message...

Followed by that is the expected one: 

We're Not Changing the privacy of your personal conversations, WhatsApp provides clickable link to view Whats being changed, and when you tap/click the onescreen link, you will see the same things, the data will be end to end encrypted, no one can view your WhatsApp chats or calls neither WhatsApp nor anyone, blah blah texts.

One big highlight in this new updated policy is, WhatsApp Says, it will label facebook tools. And Interacting with this business is purely Optional. 

Other than, when i further read their privacy Policy, i found nothing changed. WhatsApp will continue to share the metadata to improve their services and to introduce ads.

Who won't monetize an App, which has morethan 1 billion active users every day? Of course, everyone will, in the world where we have to pay some cost to almost everything.! 

But WhatsApp takes a wrong route of targeted ads.! Which means, you will see the ads' which you need to see..! 

So, What will happen if i don't agree to WhatsApp's new privacy Policy update 2021?

Simple, you will stop receiving messages and gradually to nil. So, its upto you to continue using WhatsApp :)

Update: After users of WhatsApp in INDIA expressed privacy concerns, WhatsApp clarifies that it won't restrict user's features and you can still enjoy the features without clicking on Agree until Personal data protection bill which is yet to be passed in INDIA.

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