Download Windows 10 insider preview 19541 iso files for free now [Third party links]

Download Windows 10 insider preview 19541 iso files for free now [Third party links]

Windows 10 insider preview 19541 was released for fast ring insiders today with couple of changes. Before you download windows 10 insider preview 19541 iso think twice if you are already using previous build of this version. You should not feel like you had wasted couple of GB's by downloading insider preview 19541 iso file. That's because this insider preview build 19541 contains nothing new expect only two options one is tracking all the apps from the taskbar - Windows 10 developers has included a new notification icon on the taskbar of your PC. Clicking that icon will display the apps that are currently accessing your location, so you can keep an eye on what are the apps that are accessing your location at that moment.

Another one is showing architecture right on the task manager. Sometimes, you might be confused on what type of application x64 bit or x86bit(32 bit) you are running, and might need to dive deep in to find out. So, to help those people in this latest build, you have a separate section on the task manager. You can view all the app's architecture on that section itself.

Those bugs on the previous builds( Process hanging lot of time,battle eye,etc..issue) continues to exists in this builds too.

But if you want to try this insider preview 19541 you are good to go. I had collected links that are available on the public domain and decided to share it here. So, download at your own risk (even though its from reputed site) and don't forget to give feedback to Microsoft.

Download Windows 10 Insider preview 19541 ISO

Credit : Wzornet

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