Corepacks bids farewell after NFS heat crack issue and Shutdown's, but piracy won't be dead !

Corepacks bids farewell after NFS heat crack issue and Shutdown's, but piracy won't be dead !

If you are a gamer then chances are names like skidrow, corepacks, fit-girl might be a much familiar one for you. One of those leading repack community has shut downed its operations after the news accusing them of NFS Heat crack went viral.

So, what happened exactly ? 

Need for Speed or NFS Heat crack was made available to public a couple of days back by this community. Even though it was a good news, the problem exactly lies at the crack. This crack file that was shared to internal testers for testing purpose by codex team seems to be an unprotected One. i.e; to say in simple words, normally whenever Codex, the cracking community releases crack for denuvo protected games it will encrypt the crack files to hide their work(like how they cracked the game) from denuno group. As this crack was sent only for testing purpose actual protection mechanism was not implemented, and it was mistakenly released to public making it very much easier for the denuvo group to find how the crackers, cracked this game.

"It's time to say goodbye. I wish it hadn't come to this but sadly it has. We have had a bumpy ride over the years and as a team we tried our best to keep things going as smoothly as possible.It wasn't perfect, we have had many problems, most of them were caused by our own mistakes and incompetence back in the day. Which in the end, decided to come back and haunt us.

I don't wanna hide the fact that sometimes administration didn't see eye to eye and the inability to make compromises made things worse. We're tired of apologizing all the time, even for the things that happened long before my time, to which I had no control over. I guess the recent incident with NFS Heat put the final nail in the coffin, so we've decided to close the doors forever and say goodbye to everyone", the team said in its farewell post.

Is it end for the piracy games ?

As one reddit user pointed out, Codex is just one of the group which breaks DRM protected games, and it might definitely hurt them might be a undeniable fact, but it was not the end of the pirated games. Because of many reasons that i would say first the chances of the denuvo discovering how codex cracked this and old games much before are very high(when codex can discover a way, Denuvo can too). Do you think the company which pays its professionals to protect the games 24x7 won't have found out how they cracked with this many years? they might not have found out immediately but they might be already ! second the release of this crack will allow other cracking community to find out how Codex breaked these DRM protected games are now huge. They might analyse and will follow the same to crack more games.

Last but not least, Codex is still not dead nor did they announced their closure. No developer/ cracker will share the entire work without alteration ! They still might have lot of bugs that are left undiscovered by denuvo and will use them, this time with more caution.

Though corepacks will definitely be missed, some of their works really needs huge appreciation in this world where the information should be always free.

The world won't remember all the good things you did, it will judge you only by the One bad Move you Make :)

What do you say ?

Note : We're not encouraging the piracy by anymeans, we do understand the amount of time and hardwork of developers, what we don't like is only the overpriced games which developers refuse to bring down the price even after profit.