Sony reveals PlayStation 5 logo at CES2020.

Sony reveals the official logo for the upcoming much expected gaming console Playstation 5 at CES 2020. There is nothing new in this new logo expect a small change in number.  The only difference is the number will now read as 5 instead of 4. The logo will be much similar to PS4 in terms of font. 

Details about the PS5 was not released,as expected but Sony promises this PS5 will be available at the end of this year/ next year/ Holiday 2020.

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 logo.

Even though Sony hasn't revealed much details, rumors says this PS5 was made up of

8 Core Zen 2 CPU, AMD’s Radeon Navi custom graphic card for ray tracing and superfast SSD with by default 100GB Blueray game discs. It also supports PS4 backward compatibilty and 3D audio. Gaming controller will have some special technology and might feature pressure sensors. 

We don't have much info about memory and clock speed as of now but we can get the expect the information very soon when it was finally leaked out. Price ? no information for that too, but if we go with the rumors then it might be around $450-$500.

So, expect a price drop soon for PS4.

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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 logo at CES2020.
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