Broadcast option disappeared from Gamebar of Windows 10 [Yup!]

Broadcast option has disappeared from Gamebar of Windows 10, is it removed ? asked lot of readers of our blog. Though i sent reply personally to them, i got so many messages nowadays from our gamers/ game readers. So i decided to write a separate post on this. 

A little background incase, you don't know what it was.. 

Windows 10 has an option to broadcast right from the gamebar capture window. It was quite actually good feature as we don't need to go for any third party apps. But such a cool feature was removed by Microsoft on the latest October update. So, if you feel broadcast option disappeared from Gamebar all of sudden then you might be probably on Windows 10 October update and i'm sorry to say, the only option left for us is to use third party apps.

Microsoft too confirmed it was removed in the latest update.

              "Mixer broadcasting is no longer available on Xbox Game Bar as of October 2019"

So, what are the some cool apps that are safe or how to broadcast now ?

Lot of apps are available for this purpose. Just google them and based on the rating and user reviews give it a try. If you ask me, then i would say you can try OBS studio which is a open source software, meaning you don't need to pay anything. 

If you had used any other good software, that i will help us, let us know in Comments !

Happy gaming :)

Source : Xbox Faq