WhatsApp dark theme was finally released for all android beta testers (Beta 2.20.13 download Now!)

WhatsApp's much anticipated dark theme was finally released for Android beta testers in today's update 2.20.13. This dark mode was once said to be released on end of November-December last year, but because of various issues this dark theme was postponed to now and then and was finally released now. So, if you are an android beta tester of WhatsApp then go ahead and update your WhatsApp beta app to get the dark theme right on your mobile.

Once, you updated your app you can activate dark theme by following the steps below.

Activate Dark theme on WhatsApp beta - How to guide

1) Go to Settings

2) Click on Chats

3) There, you will see the theme section. Click on it

It will popup three options :

Light, dark and Set by battery saver. Select Dark -> Click ok.

WhatsApp dark theme is finally released for all android beta testers (Beta 2.20.13 download Now!)

That's it. You had successfully activated the dark theme for your WhatsApp.

i) Light - Set this option to get back from dark theme. Normal WhatsApp white color

ii) Dark - Select this option to activate dark.

iii) Set by battery saver - Select this option to automatically switch between light and dark themes.

How do i join WhatsApp beta program now to download dark theme WhatsApp ?

Unfortunately, the beta program is now full. So, you cannot join the existing beta program. But you don't need to worry. We have alternatives for you too. Visit any trusted android apk downloading sites like apkmirror, download whatsApp beta app version 2.20.13 of Android and install as usual. 

Follow the above steps, activate the dark theme and Enjoy.