#Facebook Pay might arrive to your WhatsApp and Instagram Very soon - Launching today in US.

Facebook, the social network that once dominated tech industry and every person has slowly started to recover from various issues. 

Today, the company announced that, its rolling out Facebook Pay the feature that will allow you to send and receive money to everyone. Though this is not a new feature as there are various companies like Google, Samsung, etc.. offering this feature, Facebook might succeed considering the fact that users doesn't need to leave the app, and they can send the money as soon as someone requested him/her to send money. 

This feature is backed by Paypal which is an added advantage.

With Data collection and Breach being the primary concern of people quitting Facebook and moving to different networks like WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook will still continue its mission of developing new features despite criticism as the above two top social networks are also owned by Facebook.

You can read the complete post in this Official Page.