Forget your twitter account by December 11, Says twitter if you Haven't signed in at least once in past 6 months..

Twitter is notifying all the users who haven't signed in for the past six months to prevent account being deleted. If you have twitter account and is inactive for past 6 months then your twitter account will likely to be deleted as per new twitter inactive policy. This move will come into effect by December 11, 2019.

What does this inactive mean ?

Inactive doesn't mean you hadn't posted into twitter or liked/ retweeted the tweet. It simply denotes  you haven't signed into your twitter profile. 

So, what i have to do now to prevent twitter account deletion?

You don't need to login and post a tweet to prove your account is active, all twitter wants is you to visit your profile on twitter site, accept the new terms and conditions and sign in if you haven't in the past 6 months that's it. If you have a twitter bot, then you don't need to worry twitter says as long as the bots are active. 

Twitter confirmed the news to verge, but never said whether the old fancy names will be available for new users or not.

We will update more info as soon as we have more info..

Update : Twitter clarifies that, this deadline might be extended till it finds a way to memorialize accounts of the deceased in some way and this inactive policy will be focusing mainly only on GDPR countries as of now in order to compliant with local policies.