The Dog Aging Project is ready but University of Washington needs your help to delay aging of your dog

Dog aging project ? 

                                Ya you read that right ! There was a project that was getting developed by university of Washington to study about the aging of dogs, especially for the people like us who treat dogs not only as a best friend but as a family.

University of Washington wants your help to study about why our beloved dogs are dying early due to diseases and to develop a new technology which will delay the aging of dogs/ extend lifespan of our dogs by two or three years which they say its within reach.

The team has now decided to carry out the test by two phases one by using drug named rapamycin, which was used to treat various rare disease and proved to delay aging on organisms like mice and another one about the studying the various aspects like why various dogs die early or getting diseases.

The university needs your help, you can nominate your dog using the below link.

Link to nominate :

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