Your PC Might crash if you play games after Installing Windows April 2019 Update, Says Microsoft!

If you are planning to install the latest version of Windows 10, the Windows 10 April 2019 update (Codenamed 19H1) then you should be little bit worried, especially if you are a gamer :( 

This is because, the new version of Windows has some code changes (Which Microsoft claims, it made that to provide better security and user interface) compared to earlier ones Made by Microsoft. As a result, of this some of the games that has anti cheat software mechanism enabled will trigger BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), which is nothing but the PC restarting, with an error message "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart...".

So next time, if your Windows freezes or keeps on restarting producing the above error message when you play the game, don't blame Microsoft, because Microsoft says, it has already alerted most game companies, and most of them had already fixed the issue. So, it advises you to check for the latest version of the game, or contact the manufacturer of the game instead of blaming them.

If you think, there is no solution for this, then you might be wrong.. Even though there is no permanent solution available at the moment for this problem, if you are a hardcore gamer, then its better to run those game on any isolated environment, like virtual box or stop installing the latest version update untill someone fixes the issue, its just a temporary solution, but its upto you to decide whether you can install the new upgrade, or not.

Remember this new update has multiple new features available for home users,  like pausing windows updates for particular time like pro users, Smooth and fastest experience,etc.