Soon, you can track all your personal items, Apple found to be developing new tile like tracker

Tech giant Apple is found to be working on a new product that can track all your personal items.  This feature is kind of little bit advanced version or we can call it as an combined version of find my friend and find my Phone app.

So, lets see what is it all about ...!

Codenamed GreenTorch , its actually a tracker like tile. It will track all the items that you might forget, and will notify you via App. So, next time if you forgot where you kept something like your Apple laptop, it will track it and will share you the location, So that you can locate it easily. 

Sources familiar with this, has reported to 9toMac site, that apple is actually developing a new hardware (Codenamed: B389) to find out all your devices (as apple doesn't just want to track apple devices 😅.) And it is said to operate even without WiFi or a Cellular network. In addition to many features like sharing location with friends/people, so that they can also track the item.

We are not sure, how it is gonna operate without network, it might be with Bluetooth or any related tech, all i can say right now, is we have to wait for further information/leaks.

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