Opera's free vpn down worldwide! (Users, Unable to connect to vpn service) - April 21,2019 [Updated]

Opera's free vpn down worldwide! (Users, Unable to connect to vpn service) - April 21,2019 [Updated]

We all know Opera is providing free VPN service to android users as well as pc users. Though, it doesn't have all the features provided by the paid vpn service companies, it still have lot of users considering the fact it was free and log free.

Their VPN service seems to be temporarily down as we found many users reports they are unable to connect to vpn service in both PC and android version of Opera.

We reached to Opera team, through forums to know whether there is any issue. 

Opera team confirms, they are experiencing problems, and they are looking for a quick fix.

Below is the statement from official Opera team..

Our VPN team is already aware of the problems and is actively working on resolving them. Cannot provide any ETA but they will bring VPN back as soon as possible. 

 We don't know when this issue will be fixed, as the tech team is already working on it, we will update the content as soon as we have more information.

Update 1  :  There is problem with one of our certificates. We are currently in process of releasing client update as this can't be handled on server side currently
Update 2: Opera team released a client update (Software update) to fix the issue, that too only for stable version of its browser. 
So, if you are using the developer version or beta version then you have to wait.

Update 3: The issue was resolved. If you are still unable to connect to VPN, then try downloading latest update from this link https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2019/04/opera-58-0-3135-132-and-60-0-3255-59-stable-update/ and try again.

Let me know your results.

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Last updated on : April 21,2019 (6.30pm PT)

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