Help is on the way, something big is coming, Google teases Pixel universe with promotion for Avengers Endgame

We had seen numerous leaks, that showed Google might be working on the mid range pixel model codenamed pixel 3a and pixel 3a XL.  But they are not just rumors anymore.

Today, Google posted a teaser, which more or less confirms that we can expect Google to unveil the new rumored mid range pixel in the upcoming I/O Conference, scheduled for May 8.  "Help is on the way, on May 8  something big is coming to pixel universe" read the post.

Though, it sounds like Avengers Endgame promotion made by Google, we can see lot of Google features on that video, check it out.

If rumors are believed to be true, then pixel 3a would likely have 5.6 inch screen, 4GB RAM and the best part being the high end 12mp camera. (It was rumored that, this new mid range pixel 3a will also sport the Same camera that google uses for pixel 3). Whatever, it may we have to wait till May 8 for the complete specs, but one thing for sure, we can expect the price to be lesser compared to the normal pixel phones.