Fix "Your Computer is low on Memory" issue in Windows 10 [Guide]

Fix "Your Computer is low on Memory" issue in Windows 10 [Guide]

Your computer is low on memory notification how to fix ? that's what we're going to see in this post. In our Windows 10 PC,Sometimes when we run high end games,or other Softwares ,We may notice the increased Usage of memory in RAM in task manager,i.e 85% and its Above of Ram being Used,And it result in a message popping up as "Your Computer is low on Memory,Asking us to restart the Programs after closing the Apps". So,here is an tutorial for fixing it..

What is the root Cause ??

In Our PC,there are two important types of memory namely RAM,a physical Memory and 
Virtual Memory a invisible Memory. In Most of the Cases, Only Ram is used,but in Some 
cases like Ram is occupied with other Apps,Windows will allocate a temporary memory for 
carrying out the task of RAM which is known as virtual Memory.We Receive Such an error 
when both of them are Full.

How to Fix ??

All we need to do is alter some Settings in Our PC,just follow the Steps below.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows (logo) + R Keys.

Step 3 : A Window will open known as Run Command,On that type the following


Step 4 : Hit Enter.

Step 5 :  It Will Open System Properties.

Step 6 : Click on Advanced tab.

Step 7 : Under Performance Click Settings.

Step 8 : On the Window that opens,Click on Advanced Options tab.

Step 9:  Under Virtual memory Click on Change.

Step 10 : Uncheck  Automatically Manage Page file Size for all drives.

Step 11 : Click on Custom Size.

Step 12 : Set Initial Size value as 3000 or more than the recommended value.

Step 13 : Set Maximum Size as 5000.

How to Fix "Your Computer is low on Memory" issue In Windows 10 [Guide]

Warning : Choose As per the Space Available on the drive,if you entered 5000 then 

Windows will Allocate 5000MB(nearly 4.5 GB) as virtual Memory and you cannot use the 

Allocated Space for storing other contents,So choose it wisely"

Step 14 : Click on OK.

Step 15 : Close the Window.

That's it...

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