How to activate and deactivate slide to shutdown feature in Windows 10

We Can Shut down our Windows 10 PC in many Ways,like using alt+f4,start,run,etc here is 

an another way to shut down our Windows 10 PC especially useful in touch enabled 

PC's.All we need to  perform is  a simple slide.

How to do it ?? 

Enabling Slide to Shutdown is an easy process,just follow the Upcoming steps.

Step 1 : login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows logo + R Key.

Step 3 : It Will Pop up run command,on that type


Step 4 : Hit enter

That's it,now pull down the screen to perform Shudown.

How to disable it ??

By default,When you restart your PC,slide to shutdown option is turned off,if your PC still 

displays the message,you can disable it...

For that do as follows.

  • Open control panel.

[See : How to Open Control Panel Easily]

  • Click Troubleshooting.

Click on the image to view full size

  • Select improve power usage.

  • Select next on the window that follows.

  • Close and restart your PC.

That's it...