How to fix USB power surge problem in Windows 10 [Guide]

How to fix USB power surge problem in Windows 10 [Guide]

What is USB Surge error ??

USB Surge is nothing but the flow of high Current to the USB ports,In our PC,the Voltage 

and all other functionalities are maintained by a specific set of drivers.,

If you face error like USB surge,then don't worry it may be because of any incompatible 

USB drivers that may be outdated or not suitable for your Motherboard running Windows 10 . 

How to Fix it ???

First,we need to uninstall the USB Controller drivers and restart the PC.later,Connect Our 

PC to the internet for Windows to download the required updates,Which are made through 

Windows update. 

Just follow the upcoming steps...

Step 1 : Sign in to Your PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key,Which takes us to run Command.

Step 3 : Type devmgmt.msc Which Will take You to device manager.

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Step 4 : Click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers,Which will be available as last option.

Step 5 : Right Click on each device drivers,that are available and select uninstall.

How to fix USB power surge problem in Windows 10 [Guide]

Step 6 : After uninstalling all drivers,Close the Window.

Step 7 : Restart the Computer.

Step 8 : Replug the device,Windows will install the drivers automatically,if not connect your 

PC to internet, it will search online for drivers & install's them automatically...

That's it,...Now,you Can see the problem has been Solved.

Try this,too..

Try this Microsoft fix it tool ( Official tools)

                                                  "Hope it is Useful"

If the problem has not be resolved,then it would be because of Motherboard problem.

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