How to Change language in Windows 10

We can only use our PC if the language is known to us.if Some other language which we 

never learnt runs on your system,then,we can't use Our PC as normal,So here is an tutorial 

describing how to Set our language in Windows 10 PC,

How to change it ??

Windows language works,based on our location,so if we need to change the language we 

need to change the location first,and then followed by downloading language pack.

Just follow the Steps below...

Step 1 : Login to your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows(logo) Key on your keyboard,and type Region & language 

settings,Select the top most option,which will open a new window as Time & language on 


Step 3 : Select Your Country under country or language

Example :India 

Step 4 : Click on Add a language under languages Option.

Step 5 : When You select it will Open list of languages,Windows OS can run available.

How to Change language in Windows 10
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Step 6 : Find and Select the language you need,example : Tamil

Step 7 : When You Select,it will get you back to the previous window,displaying a message 

searching for Windows update,connect your computer to Internet,for downloading the 

language pack.

How to Change language in Windows 10
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Step 8 : After downloading,click on the language and select,Set as default.

Step 9 : Now,again press Windows key and type language.

Step 10 : Select the language,that was installed earlier.

Step 11 : You Will be prompt a new window,select log off..

That's it,now the new language will be set as your default language..

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